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30th, January, 2012

KonceptNexus to organize IdeaNet 2012

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30th, January, 2012

Learnitude Consultancy Services join hands with KonceptNexus

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30th, January, 2012

Research & Development.

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30th, January, 2012

KonceptNexus, Inc enters joint venture agreement with Learnitude Technologies

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Welcome to KonceptNexus Inc


KonceptNexus, Inc is the initiative of two new generation innovative gears Dr. Yanncy Dennis and Mr. Saswat Kumar Panda. The very idea of Koncept Nexus is to transform concepts, ideas, and IT inventions to reality through high level experts and research work. KonceptNexus aspires to implement high end technologies and trends of global technology consulting space.

We are looking to build innovative solutions for enterprises globally with top notch service parameters. KonceptNexus,Inc and Learnitude Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have collaborated for offshore, onshore continuous support to the client 24*7. With eye on real time IT engineering and consulting, company is looking to expand with the infant idea “Transforming concepts to reality”.  Business and consulting associates joining the league fast to ensure complete diversified technology service from KonceptNexus, Inc.


Our Service


Koncept Nexus Offers Outsourcing Services globally


Koncept Nexus provides world class consulting services


The research & development team of Koncept Nexus is keen on providing the best to the world


We outsource business that helps organizations

Our Team

Yancy Dennis
President and CEO

Saswat Panda
COO and Executive Vice President